BitLord 2.0 is released


In this release we have fixed several bugs and improved the browser stability. A big improvement is that you can view torrent comments before you download.

As you might have noticed already we have rolled out a Safety feature to let you decide if the torrent you are about to download is safe or not. The scale goes from -10 to 10. Pay attention to this score and read comments, this should make it very safe to download torrents through BitLord.

One important new feature is our tracker adder, this is automatic. Basically what it does is add more trackers to your torrents if we know about any. This is very effective and can make torrents much healthier.

We have now moved over to the 2.0 product line. This means you have to uninstall BitLord 1.2 if you do not want to have two versions of BitLord on your machine. Uninstalling BitLord 1.2 will only remove the program, all your downloads will still be available inside BitLord 2.0.

Have fun with the new version!

posted on 5/10/11 by Leif

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  1. liksi says:

    Can you add Support for magnet links?

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