BitLord 2.2 – A new look


Both the Windows and OSX version has gotten a new look. We have tried to make it look friendly and colourful, unlike most applications going safe with gray colours everywhere. Hope you all like it.

We also did some changes to the user interface. Removing the top buttons now means you will have to control your torrents by a dedicated “control panel” for each torrent. We managed to make this without using more space by putting it where the progress bar is. The effect is a much cleaner look at the top with more focus on searching. It is also still possible to control batch torrents by right clicking of course.

Windows 8 is now fully supported, there was only a few problems we had to fix to make everything work.

Check out the new Top List feature to see what torrents are currently the most active in the torrent universe! This should be a really hot new feature :)

Many other smaller changes have been made so download it and have fun!

posted on 21/11/12 by Leif

3 Responses to “BitLord 2.2 – A new look”

  1. Mononoke9 says:

    Love it but can’t use it. Crashes every few minutes (mac, Mountain Lion)

  2. Rod says:

    It was crashing at first on Mountain Lion but now it runs flawlessly. Thanks so much for giving us the best download speeds out there!

  3. Jamie says:

    Best designed version of BitLord yet, and works great with Windows 8! :-D Good job

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